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EPCevia® Won Award

We are proud to announce that EPC’s sugar-reduced lemonade won the highest category award given by the World Stevia Organization in 2014!
WSO holds an annual World Convention on Stevia and encourages the development and new launches of tasteful stevia extracts and finished products. After winning Stevia Tasteful Award 2013 with One Leaf, EPC’s application development was awarded for Stevia Tasteful Award 2014 with Three Leaves, the highest award category!
EPCevia® Won Award

The WSO tasting panel is comprised of Tea and Coffee tasters, Oenologists, Gastronomic experts, Cookers, Food and Beverage Experts, and Stevia tasteful attendees. The juries conduct not only a blind sensory tasting but also an overall assessment of the product quality considering all relevant criteria. Three Leaves award means the presented product received the highest appreciation. And the Two Leaves award of this year went to Granini for its light fruit juice.
The awarded 100% sugar-reduced lemonade incorporated EPCevia® Dual and Omega. Both are EPC’s premium stevia extracts which are featured with a fairly clean sweetness profile. Their respective characteristics like intrinsic fruity taste and extremely high saturated solubility are the exciting bonus for drinks formulations!
EPCevia® registered trademark in the US
With a wide range of offerings, EPCevia® takes care of customers’ divers sweetening needs from cost-wise to taste-wise standing point and for various applications from personal care sector to food and drinks industry.
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