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Juice (EPCevia™Dual)

Fruity sweet mouth-feel in juice and juice flavored beverages
EPCeviaTM Dual provides all-natural, fruity-tasting, zero-calorie and high sweetness. EPCeviaTM Dual can be used in the application areas which have strict demand for great and fruity taste feeling. High sugar reduction in fruit juices and other juice flavored beverages can be achieved with EPCeviaTM Dual.
1) Lower bitterness, especially in high concentration
The bitterness originated from common stevia extracts will become more prevalent when concentration increases. However in order to get high sugar reduction ratio, more stevia needs be added into matrix.
EPCeviaTM Dual provides optimal mouth feeling in high stevia concentration
Juice (EPCevia™Dual)
2) Quicker onsite and less lingering
EPCeviaTM Dual can provide much quicker onsite and less lingering compared to common stevia extract, such as Reb A 97.
Juice (EPCevia™Dual)
3)Fruity sweet mouth-feel
EPCeviaTM Dual presents pleasant fruity sweet mouth feel in solution, thus fits the taste of juice beverages very well.
Juice (EPCevia™Dual)
Brilliant performance in juice beverages:
Sensory Preference of different stevia extracts in 100% reduced sugar Guarana ( 12%SE)
Juice (EPCevia™Dual)

Natural sweetness deriving from stevia leaves
The extraction method of EPCeviaTM Dual from stevia leaves complies with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 231/2012. With EPC’s proprietary technology, fixed combination of individual rebaudioside is purified. Therefore EPCeviaTM Dual can be labeled in EU as “Sweetener: Steviol glycosides” or “Sweetener: E960”.

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