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Ice Tea (EPCevia™Pure)

100% Sugar reduction, perfect sugar-like mouth-feel in Ice Tea
EPCeviaTM Pure provides all-natural, sugar-like, zero-calorie and high sweetness.
EPCeviaTM Pure can be used in the application areas with high SE (Sugar Equivalence) value and demand for clear-tasting feeling. Full sugar reduction can be achieved with EPCevia TM  in Ice Tea and other beverages (up to 9% SE).
1) High Sweetness 

EPCeviaTM Pure can provide much higher sweetness compared to common stevia extract, such as Reb A 97.
In 242ppm neutral water solution, the SE value of EPCeviaTM Pure is 23.6% higher than Reb A 97.
Ice Tea (EPCevia™Pure)
2) Superior taste profile over Reb A 97 
Besides high sweetness, the overall impact of EPCeviaTM Pure is much better than Reb A 97, in terms of bitterness, lingering aftertaste and slow onset of sweetness.
Ice Tea (EPCevia™Pure)

Brilliant performance in Ice Tea:
Sensory Preference of different sweeteners in 100% reduced sugar iced tea (9%SE)
Ice Tea (EPCevia™Pure)

Natural sweetness deriving from stevia leaves
The extraction of EPCeviaTM Pure from stevia leaves complies with the methods of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 231/2012. EPC’s proprietary technology enables to isolate RebA from other components resulting in eliminating off-taste. Therefore EPCeviaTM Pure can be labeled in EU as “Sweetener: Steviol glycosides” or “Sweetener: E960”.

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