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Confectionery (EPCevia™ RA97S)

Upgraded version of RA97 
High compatibility in multi-applications
 EPCeviaTM RA97s can make end-users benefit from all-natural, zero-calorie and high sweetness in different application areas and offer a brand-new stevia taste experience to consumers.
50% sugar reduction can be achieved with EPCevia RA97s in different applications, for instance juice, bakery, ice cream and chocolate spread etc (up to 9% SE).
EPCevia RA97s: Taste of RA99 with price of RA97
With EPC’s latest technology, EPCevia RA97s can offer a good taste experience like RA99 but with an affordable price of RA97. 
Confectionery (EPCevia™ RA97S)
Science in EPCeviaTM RA97s
EPCeviaTM RA97s is mainly composed of Reb-A and Reb-D. Many researchers have shown that Reb-D is much sweeter and less bitter than other steviol glycosides.

Natural sweetness deriving from stevia leaves
The extraction of EPCeviaTM RA97S from stevia leaves complies with the methods of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 231/2012. EPC’s proprietary technology enables to isolate RebA from other components resulting in eliminating off-taste. Therefore EPCeviaTM Pure can be labeled in EU as “Sweetener: Steviol glycosides” or “Sweetener: E960”.

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