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Syrup (EPCevia™Opti-liquid)

Optimized sweet feel and high solubility
EPCevia Opti-liquid provides all-natural, sugar like and zero-calorie sweetness.
EPCevia Opti-liquid is designed to be used in syrup products specially, it not only deliver significantly improved taste profile compared with currently used stevia products, but also provides high sweetness derived from good solubility. 
1. Optimized sweet feel
EPCevia Opti-liquid comprises highly purified Reb A and Reb D. It possesses superior taste profile over RA60(SG95), RA80(SG95) and Reb A 97.
2. High solubility
Low grade stevia producs such as RA60(SG95), RA80(SG95) are always used in liquid product as the solubility of Reb A 97 is not good normally.
All the insoluble material is removed in EPCevia Opti-liquid, its initial solubility is up to 10%. The result is customers can feel optimized taste and high sweetness at the same time.
3. Clear solution
The solution of EPCevia Opti-liquid is transparent and totally clear. 
Natural sweetness deriving from stevia leaves
The extraction of EPCeviaTM Opti-liquid from stevia leaves complies with the methods of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 231/2012. EPC’s proprietary technology enables to isolate RebA from other components resulting in eliminating off-taste. Therefore EPCeviaTM Pure can be labeled in EU as “Sweetener: Steviol glycosides” or “Sweetener: E960”.

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