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What is the performance of stevia?

Different stevia products exert different performance in individual application areas, it is impossible to use one stevia product in all application area. A stevia product which works in beverages brilliantly might not be suitable for bread. To select the optimum stevia products for different application areas, sensory tests in final product samples are mandatory. The preparation of samples and the selection of the stevia products should be done in cooperation with the suppliers which must provide technical support and know-how accordingly .
EPC is dedicated to share technical support and know-how with our customers. Based on own experience stemming from product development, EPC recommends exemplifying to use EPCevia Pure in a 9 % SE diet lemon iced tea, to use EPCevia Dual in 12 % SE diet cola, to use either Reb A 97 or Reb A 80/97 when replacing 50 % sugar in a 12 % SE cola or to use Reb A 60 or SG95 for 50% or 33% sugar reduced lemon iced tea, respectively.
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