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Why choose stevia as sweetener?

Most medical experts would agree that reduction of sugar intake is beneficial to decrease the risk of developing diabetes type II and obesity.
● Since 1985, acquired diabetes in children has increased ten-fold. The Centers for Disease Control predicts that if this trend continues, one third of all children born in 2000 will develop diabetes during their lifetime.
● About two third of U.S. adults are overweighed or obese; up to 30% of children are overweighed, compared to 4% in 1982.
● In the past 25 years, obesity in children has more than doubled, affecting at least 15% of school-age children!
Stevia based sweeteners are natural source sweeteners manufactured from the stevia plant. The Japanese have used stevia in food applications from soft drinks to soy sauce since the 1970s and recent reports indicate that stevia takes an incredible 50% share of Japan’s commercial sweetener market.
Stevia based sweeteners possesses following properties:
1) Natural source: Extracted from stevia leaves without changes in the molecularstructure
2) Zero calories: the body does not digest stevia sweeteners resulting in a calorificvalue of zero
3) High intensity sweetener: 200~400 times that of sucrose
4) Scientific reports on safety and health benefits are available
5) Technological advantages (high stability to acid, alkali, heat and light)

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