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Tabletop (EPCevia™ Opti-granules)

Tailor-made stevia product for the production of table top
EPCeviaTM Opti-granules provide all-natural, sugar-like, zero-calorie and high sweetness.
EPCeviaTM Opti-granules are recommended to be used in table top specially. By using EPCeviaTM Opti-granules, the manufacturing process of table top becomes much easier and the taste is well-acceptable. 
1. Good Taste
EPCeviaTM Opti-granules are mainly composed of Reb A and Reb D. Many researches have shown that Reb D is much sweeter and less bitter than other steviol glycosides.
The taste advantage of Reb D has been proved by massive sensory tests in EPC.
2.  High density and Narrow distribution
To get qualified table top, the density of stevia granular should be paid attention to. Otherwise, the compactibility of table top would be not good.
High bulk density and narrow particles size distribution would be helpful for tabletting. EPC can increase the bulk density up to 0.6g/ml, much higher than regular granulated products. Furthermore, in EPCevia the granulated particle can be separated into very narrow distribution from 20 to 40, from 40 to 60 and from 60 to 80 mesh. These well-separated particles can be mixed in ration upon requests.
Tabletop (EPCevia™ Opti-granules)

Tabletop (EPCevia™ Opti-granules)
3. High solubility and dissolving rate
Besides taste and density, dissolving rate in water is another criterion to evaluate table top. But in typical granulating process, so called wet-method, water is used as the binding agent. It would transform stevia into hydrate from, which is insoluble in water solution. EPC set inner quality standard of dissolving rate, our material should be dissolved totally in water within 4 minutes.
Tabletop (EPCevia™ Opti-granules)
4. Transparent solution
In EPCeviaTM Opti-granules, pure white powder is offered and any yellow ones are inacceptable. So, totally transparent solution is ensured by using EPCeviaTM Opti-granules to prpduce table top.
Natural sweetness deriving from stevia leaves
The extraction of EPCeviaTM Opti-granules from stevia leaves complies with the methods of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 231/2012 and GRAS notification (US). 

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